"The Team showed us ways to learn more about the needs of those we serve that will shape the future of our work.   Their suggestions included small, concrete items we can do quickly, as well as larger long-term projects that will create more significant changes in our processes.   We felt fortunate to have the chance to work with this well organized and extremely gifted team and would love to do more work with them in the future if possible."

- Heartland Alliance Health -

"Second Opinions s a truly professional consulting team, analytical and structured in their way of working. The team is very good at locating the main drivers of an organization and their project, and at the same time are able to understand the important contexts in the field of business. Second Opinions is good at setting relevant target timelines, analyzing the landscape of the project, prioritizing goals and providing meaningful and powerful strategies. Best of all they are an outstanding group of individuals to work by your side."

​- The Winston Knolls School -

"From our first meeting it was clear that Second Opinions was committed to delivering an end project that would meet the needs of our organization. Their interest in assisting non-profits, who often do not lack talent, but resources, in regards to data analysis, communications and quality improvement, was equally matched by their expertise and professionalism. Timelines were adhered to, objectives were met and the end product exceeded our expectations."

- CommunityHealth -

​"Second Opinions provided a level of professional service that if it weren’t free, our small non-profit would never be able to afford. I appreciated how the Second Opinions team really listened to our responses to their recommendations and regrouped and redirected their focus when appropriate."

- Chicago Youth Programs -

"Second Opinions provided great value throughout the project. The team’s project plan and charter were on target with our goals and the scope and timing were well thought-out and realistic.  The team’s knowledgeable and professional communication inspired our trust. The strength of the analysis, research, and modeling exceeded our expectations."

- Erie Family Health Centers -

It was a great experience working with Second Opinions.  The team was organized, focused, listen well, did the needed/focused research to create a basic business plan for my NFP.   After working with second opinions, we have a much better understanding of what is needed financially, to create our center.

- Andrea Lee, Executive Director of The Village Hub -