Chicago Women’s Health Center (CWHC) is a community clinic focused on facilitating the empowerment of women, trans people, and young people by providing access to health care regardless of ability to pay. After receiving funding for an Electronic Health Record (EHR), CWHC reach out to Second Opinions to support the selection of an EHR and the transition process. With CWHC, Second Opinions created a set of key purchasing criteria to guide the decision, conducted a market assessment of the available options, and evaluated the options using the key purchasing criteria to create a shortlist.

During the second phase of the project, Second Opinions coordinated vendor demos with each of the options on the short list and helped CWHC finalize a vendor. Second Opinions then conducted contract negotiations on behalf of CWHC to help CWHC contract with their preferred vendor at an affordable price. Second Opinions also laid out best practices for the transition from paper charts to an EHR to support CWHC’s transition process.