Winston Knolls is a school for children with autism-spectrum disorders located in the Northwest suburbs. As part of their strategic plan, the school was looking to move into a new school building and open a clinic in their new space. In the first phase of the project, Second Opinions helped school leadership understand the steps necessary to open a School Based Health Center. Through primary and secondary research with stakeholders and experts, the team developed an initial hypothesis on what a School Based Health Center would look like at Winston Knolls.

The second phase of the project focused on refining the hypothesis and developing a plan for implementation. A survey was distributed to WK stakeholders to gather feedback on the hypothesis. Based on the outputs, the team prioritized specific services for the SBHC and developed an initial framework for future partnership agreements with service providers. Using this information about providers and the research around how to open a SBHC, the team generated a cohesive near- and long-term approach to opening the SBHC, focusing on creating an internal coalition and refining the hypothesis with stakeholders.