Tilden Chima

Tilden is a Los Angeles native whose family originally hails from the Maryland/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He graduated from the University of Southern California  in 2018 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, before commencing 5 year work experience as a senior cloud engineer at Oracle, and then at Alteryx.

Prior to enrollment at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, some of his key career accomplishments include being recognized as a young trailblazer at Oracle for his contributions to solutions engineering for healthcare and company LGBTQ+ diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and serving as a technical mentor and board member for the African Impact Initiative, a youth-led annual incubator program focused on enabling Africa's young entrepreneurs.

In addition to his research interests in the orthopedics, cardiology, and dermatology fields of medicine. Tilden continues to remain interested in healthcare, health technology/innovation and policy and where they intersect in the foming of new ventures that look to tackle some of the macro issues in healthcare in the U.S and elsewhere.

Email: tildenchima@gmail.com